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  • Adhesives

    1. Bumper Repair
    2. Structural Adhesive
    3. Fast Cure Super Glue
    4. Fiber Glass Repair Adhesive
    5. Leather Repair Kit
    6. Fiber Glass Resins
    7. Fiber Glass Clothe

  • Aerosol

    1. Adhesive Remover
    2. High Build Primers
    3. Self-Etching Primers
    4. Adhesion Promoter
    5. Wax and Grease Remover
    6. Under Coat
    7. Bed Liner
    8. Weld Thru Primer
    9. Clear Coats
    10. Trim Black
    11. We fill any color into aerosol

  • Air Tools Accessories

    1. Water Base Dryer
    2. Fittings
    3. Air Regulator
    4. Blower
    5. Gun Cleaning Tool
    6. Air Hoses
    7. In Line Filters

  • Body Work Accessories

    1. Long Board Blocks
    2. DA Pads
    3. Dent Pullers
    4. Spot Welding Rods
    5. Cutting Wheels
    6. Body Work Hammer Set
    7. Mo Clams
    8. Frame Machine Chains

  • Detailing and Polishing

    1. Rubbing Compounds
    2. Machine Polishes
    3. Hand Wax
    4. Over Spray Clay
    5. Spray Wax
    6. Shampoo
    7. Micro Fiber Clothe
    8. Ceramic Coating
    9. Wool Buffing Pad
    10. Foam Pads
    11. We carry Maguire, 3M and Presta

  • Fillers

    1. Kombi Putty
    2. Spot Putty
    3. Plastic & Bumper Putty
    4. Aluminum Fillers
    5. Fiber Glass Fillers
    6. Body Repair Fillers

  • Matrix MPB-LV

    Matrix Automotive Finishes is a beloved American brand regarded by refinishers for its rich pigments as well as color performance and color match. One of the founding principles of the Matrix paint brand was and remains good product that don’t break the bank. Matrix offer the color technology and tools to create award winning finishes time and time again.

  • Painters Gear

    1. Head Masks
    2. Painters Mask
    3. Painters Suits
    4. Goggles
    5. Gloves
    6. Hand Cleaner

  • Sikkens

    Founded By painter Wiert Williem Sikkens in 1792 a century before the first vehicle, Sikkens has always been at the forefront of technology advancement. From start to finish Sikkens deliver the highest quality in everything they do. Innovative and sustainable product. Sikkens is part of AkzoNobel, the largest global paint and coating company and a major producer of specialty chemicals.

  • U-Tech

    The original U-TECH line has a complete assortment of products that are VOC compliant for the fleet coating market. This includes commercial vehicles, buses, tractors and light industrial equipment that uses products derived from car refinishes paint technology. The philosophy of the U-TECH brand is to provide a truly universal toner assortment that covers issues such as color match, durability and appearance. One Mixing System does it all.